Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press – Written Press, Photojournalists, Radio, TV, Film, News Agencies and Online Media – who represent a bona fide media organization. Accreditation will be granted after security clearance and presentation of valid press credentials including:

  1. Completed accreditation form
  2. Letter of assignment on official letterhead of a media organization signed by the Sports Editors.  Unsigned letters or e-mails will not be accepted.
  3. Photocopy of a valid press card/office identification card
  4. Photocopy of passport/national ID card

Independent broadcast or film production companies are required to provide a letter from a broadcast organization or film distributor which has committed to air or distribute the work.

Freelance Journalists: Freelance journalists, including photographers, must provide clear evidence they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required.

The Director Media and Publicity Sub-Committee of CAA Asaba 2018 African Athletics Championships must be satisfied that anyone applying for media accreditation is a professional journalist and represents a bona fide media organization.

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the decision of the Director Media and Publicity Committee is final